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  1. The Belgian Towel Fouta
    The Belgian Towel
    A partir de 
    À partir de 145,00 EUR
    Existe en 22 couleur(s)
  2. Dock Torchon
    A partir de 
    À partir de 22,00 EUR
    Existe en 3 couleur(s)
  3. Swimmers Stripe Housse de couette
    Swimmers Stripe
    A partir de 
    À partir de 321,00 EUR
    Existe en 1 couleur(s)
  4. Lys Housse coussin
    A partir de 
    À partir de 109,00 EUR
    Existe en 1 couleur(s)

About Libeco Home

All of our linen is woven in Belgium.

The fabric is inspected yard by yard and mended by hand where necessary. Our products are made with great care, for the product, but also for the environment. We are a CO2 neutral company since 2014. Corporate sustainability for a viable future is our vision.

Meanwhile, the fifth generation of the Libeert family is managing the company. Together with some 230 colleagues, we continue to weave our own story.

From flax to linen.

The flax plant grows to more than three feet (one meter) high in only 100 days. After a short flowering period, the flax stems are pulled from the soil and dried on the field. The fiber can then be extracted from the plant. The rest of the plant is used in various materials; nothing goes to waste. The spinner spins the flax fibers into yarn and Libeco weaves the yarn into linen fabric.

Libeco Home offers finished linen products for just about any room in the house.

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